I am your biographer. Writing each line the moment sleep takes you, to a garden moulded by memories.

Julia Blacke is a passive creature residing in the wonders of the world and poetry. Her character not ambitious or desirous for fame sits on the website Allpoetry writing to her hearts extent. Some of her best poems like Symphony of Black Velvet Scars, Tonight I Killed Stars and many more are some of the most beautiful with intriguing story lines. Don’t worry, these poems will be exclusive available here on our WordPress website, as we progress through the ‘JB movement’.

As a personal admirer of Blacke, it remains difficult to comprehend the rippled effect she implants. Her writing, exquisite and intricate, sits on a scale of development so complex, that her knowledge and perception of life, had to be influenced by experience. Of the world and within herself. She chooses to highlight the values of self-discovery and honesty, being completely vulnerable to love almost. This idea is shaped by this bitter-sweet portrayal of a man and woman, not entirely representing who they are. Maybe because she maintains to embed messages within her poetry but still remain exposed to the awareness of others, the sense of vulnerability is diminished. It is unpredictable, however this is what motivates this blog. To search deep and discover all of the elements consistent in Julia Blacke, that evokes emotion within us all.

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Xoxo, Beep Toot


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