From the 26th to the 31st January 2017, Beyond Auburn will finally launch its first ever sellout. Disclaimer: Only people living in Australia can participate. (sorry we haven’t gone international yet)… It is filled with all types of exclusive designs at really cheap prices, but there are only a limited stock of each designs! I never really told our story, but rather sugar coated it with prose. I am still not sure whether I can still tell the story to this day, but this is Beyond Auburn, raw, and in my eyes.

People often criticise the start of everything whether it be a relationship, life or the level of wisdom someone has. People hope unrealistically and act wholesomely when every start begins. This is because people love having opportunity, to be better, to grow and just see possibility for themselves. And for that, I do not blame them. But beginnings are often expressed negatively. People always advise that the start of something is never the reality and that giving it time, will tell all its truth. I think there is beauty in being ignorant and unrealistic. No one remembers the ‘reality’ of a relationship, the fights, the emotional rollercoasters; but they remember the cute little moments at the movies that can still seem to wind it all back to those very few moments at the beginning. Why they decided to love each other, in the start. Everything sold in our sellout is a part of that start, all of the reckless decisions, the freedom, and mostly the unpredictability you feel as you decide to drive up and down different states on a 1/4 tank.

Starting off back in 2015, Beyond Auburn flowered in extravagance with ideas and designs to a point they could be fit into retro collections, winter collections and even vintage collections. It was a stage in a relationship where the blues where shifting through the air, ever so strongly. Everyone worked as a team, inspiration flew off the table and fabric was brought. Some parts of me laugh back at the time when the table in the kitchen would be bombarded with paper and laptops and pens, because looking at it now, it is so different. There is nothing on the table, and our pens have gone missing throughout the house. And that very fabric that was once bought out of excitement, have been made into some of the most adorable things ever, yet still sit folded in a drawer that doesn’t get open enough. I’ve come to realise that now as I look back. We were so infused with the idea of hope that we rushed into painting these ideas into reality creating expectations that we couldn’t internally and financially follow up. But in all honesty, I am happy at those very first memories. It showed me the best in people and everyones abilities to work in teams. Without having those bittersweet moments still marinating at the back of me, purpose for Beyond Auburn diminishes. I could say at first, our purpose was to become successful, to establish this business until it could run itself. But now, I am happy to say, Beyond Auburn won’t think of the future. It will just see where it goes. I know it will be rocky, and hard, but sitting on this faint line, while waiting for what God will offer me, doesn’t seem too bad.

I feel though as I should provide a valid reason why I contradict myself when I say these beautiful and handmade garments are going to be available to the public at extremely low prices. I know, you would think, but why she can’t sell that on the website, get justice for its so called high quality and just sell it off at full price. I feel that this is the whole beauty of it.. I sit here in the same place as I was before, stripped of the hope and fluffiness that was once felt before and look ahead at how many people walked away, gave up on this. But picking up the pieces of lost hope, disinterest and frustration left on the floor, are the very reasons why this sellout and everything being sold in it is somewhat going to be bittersweet and of value. Maybe it is my sentimental nature but these items represented a time in life, an experience of being naive and hopeful, but most of all a time where everyone was bursting with fire. I look through these abandoned ideas and feel the passion accumulate within itself. This sellout is so much more than a clearance sale. It is as if every design speaks of a story, a trail of inspiration from a long left thought, no one had the ability to speak. It represents every tint of colour fusing together. I try to sketch these emotions, this paradigm of complications, all the late nights spent fulsomely on sketch designs, but I think in all simplicity,

these garments were loved…

They had hope that encouraged them all they way. So, in all respect i’m happy to announce our first ever sellout after 2 years of launching. And I would like you to be a part of this journey too. If you are interested, visit our Facebook page @ Beyond Auburn for neck peaks on items and recent news on the days leading up to our sellout. You can check out our website for designs that can be available all year around. Make sure to keep your eyes open between the 26th January to the 31st January 2017.

Beyond Auburn honestly can’t wait to let you experience, our story…

With symphonies of love,

– Beep Toot


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