Meet Lucy… One of the newest editions to our limited edition bloomer designs and ultimately the best design yet made for little girls. A few months back, ‘Lucy’ came by only as a mere thought… a bit of thrills and massive bows, but never brought to life. However through intense sessions at the table and a bunch of scraps piling in the bin, this design finally came to reality! Filled with colours of blue, pink, green and yellow, they way they melded and fused with each other became somewhat of a delicacy to the eye. A few days ago when I managed to get my hands on Miss ‘Lucy’ I created a mind map thinking of how to put together the perfect outfit. On how to accentuate its beauty and individuality in comparison to its other fashion counterparts. As I stood dressing up a little bebe, picking and planning every accessory, I stood in silence, in contemplation. But then I thought, this bloomer is naturally abundant in itself ranging from its frills to the intense range of colours. So initially, I thought that if the bloomer itself should be the jaw dropping asset to the whole outfit, I should lessen the attention to the rest of the outfit. My mind drifted almost automatically to an image of white lace styled socks, cute and simplistic ballet slippers and a white cotton blouse. Also, i thought to keep the colours white as it would embrace the vibrant colours of the bloomer and bring forth a elegant concept to the outfit. So, I looked through all of the boxes full of crazy designs for Beyond Auburn and guess what I found? A beautiful, simple yet intricate blouse perfect for this outfit.

Beyond Auburn’s ‘Merry’ blouse

I think what I found most amazing about this garment was the whole fact that anything made by Beyond Auburn whether it is complex and complicated or simple and easy, somehow showed detail.  This blouse I found made from white cotton linen, had soft frills on the collar and sleeves. It flared at the bottom and overall still looked powerful in all of its simplicity. So I had kind of tried to envision ahead of me what I wanted to achieve with this outfit. Is it a modest vintage look or modern and hip look? The truth is, with the different uses of these garments, it can be turned into anything. It gives so much freedom as a buyer as to what you want to do with the garment whether it would be tucking in the blouse into the bloomers or tying the bloomer straps behind the garment rather than in the front. And because the blouse is made solely as a base factor used to compliment and embrace other garments, people can build pair it with high waisted bloomers or retro skirts. Honestly, it can be adopted to suit almost everyone! So I came up with this modern and fun look that would enlighten the youthfulness in little girls, but still show how pure and miniature they really are. And here was a snippet of it…

‘Lucy’ in action

It turned out to be a major success. It looked adorable and the colours and detail of each clothing didn’t clash with one another. Note: the top I used in this image wasn’t a Beyond Auburn top but it held similar characteristics to it in terms of colour and subtle detail… I hadn’t really thought about it at the time, but now that I look back on it I’d like to really bring the idea of little ballet slippers with lace styled socks to life. It would complete and ultimately bring back elements of the past into modern society. So, I feel like ‘Lucy’ can be explored through different ways and through different perspectives. I have loved this design ever since it hit the shelves. And I have to say, its not going to stay there long, for a limited edition item… But, I really liked the introduction to ‘Lucy’ and loved pairing it with other items available on Beyond Auburn. It not only let me visualise child fashion in a different light but it also let me explore my creativity in giving me opportunity to adopt an change different aspects to it. If you get time, I highly recommend checking some of Beyond Auburn’s stuff out on their website at

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you had a wonderful new year. I wish the best for 2017, but for now I will see you in a few days!

Beep Toot xxx



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