Today the weather was abnormally inspiring. As I woke up contemplating whether I should take photos of little girls in Beyond Auburn wear or just sit at the window pane and read, I looked outside at the vibrant colours of the grass. The wind progressed swiftly and occasionally the trees would sway. My eyes followed the deep colour of the trees and how its branches grew and regrew itself every moment. In some ways, it made me think of how our bodies are microcosmic versions of the globe and its functions, creating and recreating its cells, killing bad bacteria with good bacteria, and manifesting its beautiful parts to itself. Just an extremely large one. So I dressed up a little youngster in a selection of Beyond Auburn clothing, fitting watermelon shoes with frilly bloomers and black canvas shoes with simple bloomers. It amazed me how undeniably every item of clothing counteracted and complimented one another, similar to the nature of life; of how the sun nourishes plants and how our bodies fall asleep during the darkness of night. I wanted to make sure I was highlighting the best facets to her, not what I had perceived to be her best facets, so I tied her hair into pigtails and chased her across the lawn, just managing to grasp the camera… and oh we shared laughter. She ran with all of her will and her hands waved in the air out of excitement. It was creatively enticing to see how each colour and detail, worked together in sync, but it also showed me how the individual person also plays a huge role in defining the beauty of the clothing… It really made me think of how different canvases paint different stories, and how these outfits I compiled together demanded to tell a different story through a different person. For her, she danced a poetic one. Of the gentleness of life and the fragility of childhood. I can’t deny that it was exhausting trying to capture her in the right exact moments all around the lawn, but her authenticity in being an excited child deemed an honour and joy to capture. I haven’t really met my point to this post yet, but I think it is complex for me to express. I guess what I am trying to aim to tell is that although colours and designs seem to work seamlessly well with each other, our bodies, personalities and who we are as people are a factor when it comes to fashion. And how our similarities or differences and features that separate us from another person on a train, are our very own accessories. Although it is important to focus on every detail of what you choose to wear, sometimes the best accessories are already a part of you. Your eyes, mouth, hair, smile. Of course, it sounds cliche that the best thing you can wear is a smile, but in some ways its an accessory people don’t often remember. I realised that as I looked out the window earlier in the day, I saw beauty in everything, because there is a vast spectrum of beauty in the world, and each part of it tells a story, we have not yet discovered.


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