ziemassvetku-noskanai-35_largeChristmas is known for bringing people together. It is an event where people share their love to their family and friends and is overall, a time where we conclude the year of all its worst and best memories. In some ways, some families choose to have gatherings, social events and parties. And many choose to dress up in festive colours like red and green. Maybe even white. But everyone immerses in this festivity we call Christmas, no matter what age or gender. This gives you the audience every reason for you to dress your children in Beyond Auburn wear. Because everyone deserves to play and have fun, in style. Here are five reasons why you should head to our site and purchase some exclusive wear…

  1. Beyond Auburn is an Australian handmade brand promising great quality and exquisite clothing made with love. Emphasise the authenticity of Christmas by dressing your little bebe in Australian made clothing. Introduced officially in 2015, Beyond Auburn has really made itself a name for creating good quality content sewn by the creator Julia Blacke herself. Each design is manufactured with precision and a combination of colours, representing its own individual style. Deterring away from the norm in child fashion, this label really sets the expectations for other fashion labels to treat little girls as young women. To design for a miniature and elegant version of women today. esigning around a sophisticated look on little girls, Beyond Auburn works with high quality fabrics and gives little girls justice in the realm of fashion. So, give your girls joy and let them dance in loved and appreciated clothing.
  2.  You get to become a part of a poetic community that plans to pen fairy tales of little girls, and to create a story within each thread. From the day planning for Beyond Auburn started a few years ago, it had never had a clearer intention but to create content with a story, a reason as to why it existed. And taking it a step further, it wanted to pursue this through lines of prose and metaphors, engaging the reader not to only dress their girls cute, funky clothing but bring out that eloquence each women searches for through fashion and apply that to Beyond Auburns clothing. What if your not poetic? Poetry isn’t about being a reader but is a method of communication sharing experiences and memories in the most hidden way. I can guarantee everyone wants to relive their careless child memories. Memories of playing on the playground, chasing friends, and watching Christmas lights for the first time are all things we hold dear to ourselves. This is Beyond Auburns Intention. To communicate to the mother’s their own youthful memories and the young girls, their beauty and wondrous innocence as little women.
  3. It’s a festive season, dress your girls in adorable and unforgettable clothing, everyone can’t help but admire. Christmas is all about having a joyous time with the  people you love. Sometimes, it takes a little effort to make it seem fun…you might have to dress up, put some makeup on or shave. However at most times, all of that effort seems worth it in the end. You get to capture a moment when the whole family looks beautiful and work together to make this one event, a great one. I have to say, I’ve been in your shoes where dressing up little bebes in cute 2 piece suits or Christmas outfits leaving me inspired at the beautiful colours and frills. And it was honestly nice, that some outfits are made with such detail. However sometimes, it just takes a little more effort to make everyone just a tad bit better. Set your girls apart from the majority and dress them in something themselves they’ll see as beautiful. Beyond Auburn is all about painting beauty for the young eyes and allowing them to see prettiness at a young age. It reminds me of one day when I saw a little toddler wearing a tutu twirling happily while brushing her hand at the sequins and mesh. She genuinely felt beautiful that a smile couldn’t escape her face. Kids must know what’s going on… It shows how clothing affects everyone’s mood and overall confidence. It’s probably cliche to say a ‘smile is probably the prettiest thing you can wear’ but it honestly is. To admire and be happy at how beautiful you are, it only makes others admire your confidence. And every woman, big or small, deserves to be admired.

Regardless of what happens on Christmas, we hope you have a really good one. With all the family, food and unimaginable love. 2016 has really been a roller coaster for everyone and in these days leading up to Christmas, we hope you feel excitement and appreciation for how far you and everyone have come this past year.

With boats of smiles,

Beep Toot xxx




4 thoughts on “3 Reasons why your little girls should dress up in Beyond Auburn this Christmas.

    1. Awww thanks a lot! I guess I am a bit old fashioned. What we look for in fashion is something we can’t explain. And a lot of labels don’t hold that anymore… Thank you for checking it out. I really appreciate it.


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