Lace: A beautiful and underrated accessory for a garment.


Embodying a soft floral print, with loose frills and bows, we aimed to design a garment that was complex but simple as well. Not just pretty on the outside, but one that wasn’t an amalgamation of others. Something separate and unique. Through this initial thought stemmed our 2 piece playsuit for little girls.

To achieve this idea, we had to thoroughly plan out how to make our garments different from the rest. Ones that captured the eyes of everyone – one that will make each child feel like the life of the party.

By utilising the floral fabric, which is naturally allusive to Spring, femininity, and 1950’s vintage, we intentionally created an overall eloquent and classic styled garment. Through the slight allusion to these core concepts, the audience adopted a thematic representation of what Beyond Auburn is in all of its entirety. Relating to 1950’s womens fashion, the audience was able to feel satisfaction not only with the high quality fabric, but the high quality design as it brings about concepts of precision and intricacy.

Through the enchanting and classic feel it brings upon the audience, it ultimately leads the audience into a dimension, where they are not only respecting the clothes produced by a label, but also the brand label itself, their motives, their values and beliefs. In terms of the design, we had successfully achieved a garment that represented Beyond Auburns aim to produce high quality and eloquent fashion for little women.

The key element of this garment is inevitably the lace panel placed on the front of the skirt. Encompassing the waist of the skirt, it’s simple application ultimately screams detail. Although ace may be underestimated, it holds strong capability. Within this garment, it provided more complexity, not only offering little women a nice floral based outfit, but also with a fragment of eloquence and maturity – as seen through the small embellishments of the lace.

Within exploring the nature of childhood, and combining it with the mature fashion sense of older women, lace played a major role in the design process and the overall feel to the image. It allowed little women to be portrayed as playful, yet poignant. The garment embraced innocence and cheerfulness of childhood, but saved room for a suggestion for maturity.

Beyond Auburn’s aim is primarily to explore children’s fashion in a exquisite way. To not only delineate the stage of innocence at its prime, but to suggest a possibility that little girls don’t have to be girls, they can also be little women.



Hello Everyone, Beyond Auburn is launching its Christmas clearance sale for 2017!

For this years theme, we are holding a big ‘Tea Party’ where you’ll be able to get your hands on exclusive designs, limited and never before seen garments all for crazy low prices. This year, we are focussing on gifting mothers with our best of quality clothes and to gift little women, in their cuteness and eloquence. Through this sale, we are aiming to delineate the beauty of the relationship between mothers and daughters, and to create a fun and intimate experience for both mums and daughters.

Make sure to keep up with it on our FaceBook page at Beyond Auburn and keep your nose snooping for the details on the garments available. Also, keep up on this blog site, to gain access to hints about specific garments that will be available.

After all, we want this to be a fun and interactive experience…

– Beep Toot

Beyond Auburn’s First Major Sellout – A heartfelt and raw story to Australia’s clothing brand Beyond Auburn.

From the 26th to the 31st January 2017, Beyond Auburn will finally launch its first ever sellout. Disclaimer: Only people living in Australia can participate. (sorry we haven’t gone international yet)… It is filled with all types of exclusive designs at really cheap prices, but there are only a limited stock of each designs! I never really told our story, but rather sugar coated it with prose. I am still not sure whether I can still tell the story to this day, but this is Beyond Auburn, raw, and in my eyes.

People often criticise the start of everything whether it be a relationship, life or the level of wisdom someone has. People hope unrealistically and act wholesomely when every start begins. This is because people love having opportunity, to be better, to grow and just see possibility for themselves. And for that, I do not blame them. But beginnings are often expressed negatively. People always advise that the start of something is never the reality and that giving it time, will tell all its truth. I think there is beauty in being ignorant and unrealistic. No one remembers the ‘reality’ of a relationship, the fights, the emotional rollercoasters; but they remember the cute little moments at the movies that can still seem to wind it all back to those very few moments at the beginning. Why they decided to love each other, in the start. Everything sold in our sellout is a part of that start, all of the reckless decisions, the freedom, and mostly the unpredictability you feel as you decide to drive up and down different states on a 1/4 tank.

Starting off back in 2015, Beyond Auburn flowered in extravagance with ideas and designs to a point they could be fit into retro collections, winter collections and even vintage collections. It was a stage in a relationship where the blues where shifting through the air, ever so strongly. Everyone worked as a team, inspiration flew off the table and fabric was brought. Some parts of me laugh back at the time when the table in the kitchen would be bombarded with paper and laptops and pens, because looking at it now, it is so different. There is nothing on the table, and our pens have gone missing throughout the house. And that very fabric that was once bought out of excitement, have been made into some of the most adorable things ever, yet still sit folded in a drawer that doesn’t get open enough. I’ve come to realise that now as I look back. We were so infused with the idea of hope that we rushed into painting these ideas into reality creating expectations that we couldn’t internally and financially follow up. But in all honesty, I am happy at those very first memories. It showed me the best in people and everyones abilities to work in teams. Without having those bittersweet moments still marinating at the back of me, purpose for Beyond Auburn diminishes. I could say at first, our purpose was to become successful, to establish this business until it could run itself. But now, I am happy to say, Beyond Auburn won’t think of the future. It will just see where it goes. I know it will be rocky, and hard, but sitting on this faint line, while waiting for what God will offer me, doesn’t seem too bad.

I feel though as I should provide a valid reason why I contradict myself when I say these beautiful and handmade garments are going to be available to the public at extremely low prices. I know, you would think, but why she can’t sell that on the website, get justice for its so called high quality and just sell it off at full price. I feel that this is the whole beauty of it.. I sit here in the same place as I was before, stripped of the hope and fluffiness that was once felt before and look ahead at how many people walked away, gave up on this. But picking up the pieces of lost hope, disinterest and frustration left on the floor, are the very reasons why this sellout and everything being sold in it is somewhat going to be bittersweet and of value. Maybe it is my sentimental nature but these items represented a time in life, an experience of being naive and hopeful, but most of all a time where everyone was bursting with fire. I look through these abandoned ideas and feel the passion accumulate within itself. This sellout is so much more than a clearance sale. It is as if every design speaks of a story, a trail of inspiration from a long left thought, no one had the ability to speak. It represents every tint of colour fusing together. I try to sketch these emotions, this paradigm of complications, all the late nights spent fulsomely on sketch designs, but I think in all simplicity,

these garments were loved…

They had hope that encouraged them all they way. So, in all respect i’m happy to announce our first ever sellout after 2 years of launching. And I would like you to be a part of this journey too. If you are interested, visit our Facebook page @ Beyond Auburn for neck peaks on items and recent news on the days leading up to our sellout. You can check out our website for designs that can be available all year around. Make sure to keep your eyes open between the 26th January to the 31st January 2017.

Beyond Auburn honestly can’t wait to let you experience, our story…

With symphonies of love,

– Beep Toot

An introduction to Lucy, the bloomer


Meet Lucy… One of the newest editions to our limited edition bloomer designs and ultimately the best design yet made for little girls. A few months back, ‘Lucy’ came by only as a mere thought… a bit of thrills and massive bows, but never brought to life. However through intense sessions at the table and a bunch of scraps piling in the bin, this design finally came to reality! Filled with colours of blue, pink, green and yellow, they way they melded and fused with each other became somewhat of a delicacy to the eye. A few days ago when I managed to get my hands on Miss ‘Lucy’ I created a mind map thinking of how to put together the perfect outfit. On how to accentuate its beauty and individuality in comparison to its other fashion counterparts. As I stood dressing up a little bebe, picking and planning every accessory, I stood in silence, in contemplation. But then I thought, this bloomer is naturally abundant in itself ranging from its frills to the intense range of colours. So initially, I thought that if the bloomer itself should be the jaw dropping asset to the whole outfit, I should lessen the attention to the rest of the outfit. My mind drifted almost automatically to an image of white lace styled socks, cute and simplistic ballet slippers and a white cotton blouse. Also, i thought to keep the colours white as it would embrace the vibrant colours of the bloomer and bring forth a elegant concept to the outfit. So, I looked through all of the boxes full of crazy designs for Beyond Auburn and guess what I found? A beautiful, simple yet intricate blouse perfect for this outfit.

Beyond Auburn’s ‘Merry’ blouse

I think what I found most amazing about this garment was the whole fact that anything made by Beyond Auburn whether it is complex and complicated or simple and easy, somehow showed detail.  This blouse I found made from white cotton linen, had soft frills on the collar and sleeves. It flared at the bottom and overall still looked powerful in all of its simplicity. So I had kind of tried to envision ahead of me what I wanted to achieve with this outfit. Is it a modest vintage look or modern and hip look? The truth is, with the different uses of these garments, it can be turned into anything. It gives so much freedom as a buyer as to what you want to do with the garment whether it would be tucking in the blouse into the bloomers or tying the bloomer straps behind the garment rather than in the front. And because the blouse is made solely as a base factor used to compliment and embrace other garments, people can build pair it with high waisted bloomers or retro skirts. Honestly, it can be adopted to suit almost everyone! So I came up with this modern and fun look that would enlighten the youthfulness in little girls, but still show how pure and miniature they really are. And here was a snippet of it…

‘Lucy’ in action

It turned out to be a major success. It looked adorable and the colours and detail of each clothing didn’t clash with one another. Note: the top I used in this image wasn’t a Beyond Auburn top but it held similar characteristics to it in terms of colour and subtle detail… I hadn’t really thought about it at the time, but now that I look back on it I’d like to really bring the idea of little ballet slippers with lace styled socks to life. It would complete and ultimately bring back elements of the past into modern society. So, I feel like ‘Lucy’ can be explored through different ways and through different perspectives. I have loved this design ever since it hit the shelves. And I have to say, its not going to stay there long, for a limited edition item… But, I really liked the introduction to ‘Lucy’ and loved pairing it with other items available on Beyond Auburn. It not only let me visualise child fashion in a different light but it also let me explore my creativity in giving me opportunity to adopt an change different aspects to it. If you get time, I highly recommend checking some of Beyond Auburn’s stuff out on their website at

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you had a wonderful new year. I wish the best for 2017, but for now I will see you in a few days!

Beep Toot xxx


Dress Up With The Best Accessory, You!


Today the weather was abnormally inspiring. As I woke up contemplating whether I should take photos of little girls in Beyond Auburn wear or just sit at the window pane and read, I looked outside at the vibrant colours of the grass. The wind progressed swiftly and occasionally the trees would sway. My eyes followed the deep colour of the trees and how its branches grew and regrew itself every moment. In some ways, it made me think of how our bodies are microcosmic versions of the globe and its functions, creating and recreating its cells, killing bad bacteria with good bacteria, and manifesting its beautiful parts to itself. Just an extremely large one. So I dressed up a little youngster in a selection of Beyond Auburn clothing, fitting watermelon shoes with frilly bloomers and black canvas shoes with simple bloomers. It amazed me how undeniably every item of clothing counteracted and complimented one another, similar to the nature of life; of how the sun nourishes plants and how our bodies fall asleep during the darkness of night. I wanted to make sure I was highlighting the best facets to her, not what I had perceived to be her best facets, so I tied her hair into pigtails and chased her across the lawn, just managing to grasp the camera… and oh we shared laughter. She ran with all of her will and her hands waved in the air out of excitement. It was creatively enticing to see how each colour and detail, worked together in sync, but it also showed me how the individual person also plays a huge role in defining the beauty of the clothing… It really made me think of how different canvases paint different stories, and how these outfits I compiled together demanded to tell a different story through a different person. For her, she danced a poetic one. Of the gentleness of life and the fragility of childhood. I can’t deny that it was exhausting trying to capture her in the right exact moments all around the lawn, but her authenticity in being an excited child deemed an honour and joy to capture. I haven’t really met my point to this post yet, but I think it is complex for me to express. I guess what I am trying to aim to tell is that although colours and designs seem to work seamlessly well with each other, our bodies, personalities and who we are as people are a factor when it comes to fashion. And how our similarities or differences and features that separate us from another person on a train, are our very own accessories. Although it is important to focus on every detail of what you choose to wear, sometimes the best accessories are already a part of you. Your eyes, mouth, hair, smile. Of course, it sounds cliche that the best thing you can wear is a smile, but in some ways its an accessory people don’t often remember. I realised that as I looked out the window earlier in the day, I saw beauty in everything, because there is a vast spectrum of beauty in the world, and each part of it tells a story, we have not yet discovered.

3 Reasons why your little girls should dress up in Beyond Auburn this Christmas.

ziemassvetku-noskanai-35_largeChristmas is known for bringing people together. It is an event where people share their love to their family and friends and is overall, a time where we conclude the year of all its worst and best memories. In some ways, some families choose to have gatherings, social events and parties. And many choose to dress up in festive colours like red and green. Maybe even white. But everyone immerses in this festivity we call Christmas, no matter what age or gender. This gives you the audience every reason for you to dress your children in Beyond Auburn wear. Because everyone deserves to play and have fun, in style. Here are five reasons why you should head to our site and purchase some exclusive wear…

  1. Beyond Auburn is an Australian handmade brand promising great quality and exquisite clothing made with love. Emphasise the authenticity of Christmas by dressing your little bebe in Australian made clothing. Introduced officially in 2015, Beyond Auburn has really made itself a name for creating good quality content sewn by the creator Julia Blacke herself. Each design is manufactured with precision and a combination of colours, representing its own individual style. Deterring away from the norm in child fashion, this label really sets the expectations for other fashion labels to treat little girls as young women. To design for a miniature and elegant version of women today. esigning around a sophisticated look on little girls, Beyond Auburn works with high quality fabrics and gives little girls justice in the realm of fashion. So, give your girls joy and let them dance in loved and appreciated clothing.
  2.  You get to become a part of a poetic community that plans to pen fairy tales of little girls, and to create a story within each thread. From the day planning for Beyond Auburn started a few years ago, it had never had a clearer intention but to create content with a story, a reason as to why it existed. And taking it a step further, it wanted to pursue this through lines of prose and metaphors, engaging the reader not to only dress their girls cute, funky clothing but bring out that eloquence each women searches for through fashion and apply that to Beyond Auburns clothing. What if your not poetic? Poetry isn’t about being a reader but is a method of communication sharing experiences and memories in the most hidden way. I can guarantee everyone wants to relive their careless child memories. Memories of playing on the playground, chasing friends, and watching Christmas lights for the first time are all things we hold dear to ourselves. This is Beyond Auburns Intention. To communicate to the mother’s their own youthful memories and the young girls, their beauty and wondrous innocence as little women.
  3. It’s a festive season, dress your girls in adorable and unforgettable clothing, everyone can’t help but admire. Christmas is all about having a joyous time with the  people you love. Sometimes, it takes a little effort to make it seem fun…you might have to dress up, put some makeup on or shave. However at most times, all of that effort seems worth it in the end. You get to capture a moment when the whole family looks beautiful and work together to make this one event, a great one. I have to say, I’ve been in your shoes where dressing up little bebes in cute 2 piece suits or Christmas outfits leaving me inspired at the beautiful colours and frills. And it was honestly nice, that some outfits are made with such detail. However sometimes, it just takes a little more effort to make everyone just a tad bit better. Set your girls apart from the majority and dress them in something themselves they’ll see as beautiful. Beyond Auburn is all about painting beauty for the young eyes and allowing them to see prettiness at a young age. It reminds me of one day when I saw a little toddler wearing a tutu twirling happily while brushing her hand at the sequins and mesh. She genuinely felt beautiful that a smile couldn’t escape her face. Kids must know what’s going on… It shows how clothing affects everyone’s mood and overall confidence. It’s probably cliche to say a ‘smile is probably the prettiest thing you can wear’ but it honestly is. To admire and be happy at how beautiful you are, it only makes others admire your confidence. And every woman, big or small, deserves to be admired.

Regardless of what happens on Christmas, we hope you have a really good one. With all the family, food and unimaginable love. 2016 has really been a roller coaster for everyone and in these days leading up to Christmas, we hope you feel excitement and appreciation for how far you and everyone have come this past year.

With boats of smiles,

Beep Toot xxx



Beyond Auburn’s Bloomer Debut


Like the flowers you left on my pillow
 to fathom the braids of my hair,
On this auspicious day, my mind drifts
to thoughts of you.


November must be the month for Beyond Auburn, with a rise in popularity for the widely known Beyond Auburn bloomers for young girls.

Since last year being a quiet and discouraging year, Beyond Auburn as a label hasn’t reached its fullest potential as most would expect. You see, although extraordinary designs have been created and so much history and passion motivating this line, Beyond Auburn hasn’t been growing okay for a while. Many designs have been scrapped, fabric has been wasted and overall the hope for Beyond Auburn to step onto its own feet, didn’t come to shove. In fact it’s been fragmented in what story it really wants to tell the world. Behind all the contemplation is the creator Julia Blacke herself, trying to find what she visualises for young women. Spending hours creating content that she’d dress on her children herself, it really challenged the expectations placed on fashion throughout the 21st Century. And since she aims for girls to live through ranges of skirts, dresses and jumpsuits, little girls don’t need just clothing to walk around in, but materials and designs that accentuate their true selves which is innocence and purity.

After 2 years of contemplation and scrapping designs in the trash, Beyond Auburn has finally kickstarted in incomprehensible ways. Young babes get to walk around in ruffles bloomers with bows pointing everywhere. And after countless consultations on the brands purpose for young women, many mothers have fallen in love with Blackes elegant yet cheeky interpretation of childhood and youth. Although an official site is in development for the label, it’s sellings have rapidly increased over our online stores.

As shown in the image, we have finally put these ideas into action with our little bebe. Nearly reaching Christmas as we are stepping into December, it feels like a present given to us early. That we get to share this festive season with a success for little children and the franchise as a whole. At Beyond Auburn we wish this for you too. That your little children running around and screaming, live this festive season effortlessly with everyone that they love…

It’s not easy to start from scratch, a genuine and honest company that is invested in the wellbeing of young girls and the overall spectrum of fashion for young babies however, slowly, things are progressing in inexorable ways. Mother’s are happy with purchases from our online stores and the designs are developing its own personal identity. So, this is an appreciation post to Beyond Auburn. For all its countless hours worked, finally paying off.

Beyond Auburn can’t wait for all of mother’s out there to witness the new designs about to hit our own BeepToot blog and online store from next year in 2017. If you have any enquires don’t hesitate to message us here on WordPress or on our personal email at

Don’t worry we are all waiting patiently for bigger and better opportunities that could make your journey with Beyond Auburn splendid, but for now, remember to be good to yourselves these holidays and spend time with your family, in fashion…

With loads of love…

Beep Toot xxx

Are Writers the New Masterminds of Society?

Writers are unpredictable, a debris full of dimension. You could never decode, or grasp onto a trait, because they are full of anything and everything. And they become your friends, through portrayals of paper characters, creating this world, that for you, once made you feel alone.

A few nights ago, I looked at a bookshelf that held a vintage lamp, books of literature and travel guides of places I could only dream to visit. As I skimmed past the prefaces of those books,  and felt the gloss of the covers, I breathed out slowly feeling a sense of peace. For those writers who created the books I’ve come to love dearly, created stories, extracted by the own fragmented experiences in their lives, and had made it exist in this imaginative dimension beyond their own thoughts. All from them, and all for me.

In those moments I stood on the comfort of coffee coloured carpet, spreading my arms in a sense of awe, whilst watching my chest contract. For a moment, I felt alive, a part of a purpose, a collective who felt somewhat excluded in the real world, but at peace with their raging thoughts.

What is it about a writer, that has the power to make words feel as if they are more than just words. Is it their ability to juxtapose characters, make us jump at unexpected plot twists? Maybe, it’s because they speak of truths that we are too often afraid to express.

For me, I believe a writer taps into the complexities of a particular feeling. They reach the core of their pain and somehow turn it into art, their tragedies turning into somewhat of a beautiful yet painful masterpiece. Both the writer and the reader are a match needing to be heard, as they die to tell something, evoke something that they wish people could understand. It’s a mutual connection between 2 people. And I think that for the writer to have that much power to create such an intimate setting with the reader without necessarily knowing them, is such a amazing skill to obtain.

In so many ways, writers are the the secrets behind our time, that shape us, represent the darkest but also brightest parts of us, despite how rainy our days seem. They hide behind the major motion films, and mould our little world, in nature and in all of its destruction. To relate with someone, is something bittersweet and powerful almost leaving you with an awe that escapes your breath after that last page, every time.